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    Nanoprobes Gold Nanoparticles: Nanogold Labels for Imaging & Microscopy

    Updated: February 18, 2020


    Now available
    Click Nanogold®

    Azido- and Alkyne- reagents

    Our unique Nanogold® technology
    now available in Click form!

    • Bioorthogonal labeling lets you label selectively in living cells, tissues and even animals without cross-reactivity.
    • Label dynamic processes then pick your time to fix and observe their parts at the macromolecular level.
    • Stable, biocompatible and well tolerated by living cells: do not disrupt life processes or cell viability.
    • Undecagold (0.8 nm) available for specialized high-resolution EM applications.
    Azido- and Alkyne- Nanogold


    The Power of
    comes to Super-Resolution!

    2-in-1 Labels for
    BOTH Super-Res and TEM

    See your target in its cellular context!

    • Alexa Fluor® 647 dye for Super-Res (STORM)
    • PLUS Nanogold® particles for visibility in TEM
    • Covalently bound for stability, long working times
    • Convenient secondary antibody/Fab' or streptavidin
    • Get both in a single, standard labeling procedure
    • Easy kits to enhance for light/phase microscopy


    AuroVist™ is our amazing new xray contrast agent!

    Unparalleled for Micro CT

    AuroVist™ 15 nm:

    Highest contrast of any blood pool contrast agent

    Longest blood half-life of any x-ray contrast agent
    -24 hrs!

    AuroVist™ 1.9 nm:
    Highest kidney contrast available

    In vivo MicroCT after AuroVist™ 15 nm injection
    Note very high contrast in blood and heart, with little accumulation in the liver. Mouse images from our Nanoparticle Research Collaborative.

    Order online
    Not yet approved for clinical use.
    Very well tolerated--
    Great for in vivo vascular imaging.


    New!5nm Ni-NTA-NanogoldTM

    See His-tagged proteins
    directly under EM
    with gold nanoparticles

    No silver or gold development required

    Doc Hainfeld "We've created a simple reagent that labels any His-tagged recombinant protein for imaging, even under EM,
    in just one step."

    --James F. Hainfeld, PhD
    Nanoprobes founder and chief mad scientist.


    As we develop nanoparticle products for the scientific community,
    we strive to engineer the most sensitive reagents
    and nanotechnology for detecting biological molecules.

    Our unique gold nanoparticle labeling technology uses chemically cross-linked metal clusters and nanoparticles as labels.

    Unlike conventional immunogold probes, in which colloidal gold particles are electrostatically adsorbed to antibodies and proteins, our gold nanoparticle labels are uncharged molecules which are cross-linked to specific sites on biomolecules. This gives our nanogold probes greater range and versatility than colloidal gold.

    Our labels can be attached to any molecule with a reactive group -- proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, small molecules and lipids -- for detection and localization. Other labels can be combined with our gold particle labels; our unique FluoroNanogold probes combine Nanogold® and fluorescein into a single probe for imaging a specimen both by fluorescence and electron microscopy. Our gold nanoparticles, including our Nanogold™ conjugates, and Nanogold™ labeling reagents, are formulated for use with electron microscopy (tem) as well as light microscopy, immunolabeling, x-ray contrast for EM, angiography, mammography and microCT, and for correlative and fluorescence microscopy imaging.

    New probes can be engineered based on any fragment of a naturally occurring biomolecule, and the label can be positioned away from the binding site so it does not interfere with binding.

    Our Nanogold® probes have been cited in over 250 publications, and are used in the laboratories of several Nobel Laureates.

    It's all about creating better tools and finding innovative solutions,
    so that research and treatments can move ahead.

    Drop us a line and let us know what you're working on. We'll be glad to help.

      Nanoprobes, Inc.
    95 Horseblock Road, Unit 1
    Yaphank, NY 11980-2301 USA


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